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Exhibit runs from October 7, 2016 through November 26, 2016

Two artists and two visions collide in an attempt to unveil Havana’s mystique. Through the lens of photography and illustration, the works of Robert Bullivant and Carlos Zamora bring us closer to the lost city. A curated selection of 14 works of art conveys the exuberant decadence of Havana’s architecture, the fiesta of the color, a glimpse into their baroque identity, and a reflection on the consequences of Havana’s macabre dance with history.

Robert Bullivant is a fine-art photographer and certified Hahnemühle master printer who’s work has been sold in more than 60 countries in the past 25 years, casino games and has been commission by global companies including Ducati Motor Spa Italy to produce photographic art of their motorcycles.  Bullivant Gallery is located in the Grand Center district of St. Louis, and the studio works collaboratively with artists, photographers, designers, galleries and museums to scan and produce archival prints and editions of original art.  Bullivant Gallery also works as a technical consultant to museums and cultural institutions through their FADGI certified division, Cultural Heritage Preservation ®, by offering expert advice on digital preservation, scanning, capture and archival printing.

Carlos Zamora is a Cuban graphic designer and illustrator who lives in St. Louis since 2006. His illustrations have been published by the New York Observer, The Boston Globe, Ad Age Magazine,  The Wall Street Journal, Alive, and St. Louis Magazine. His work has been awarded by American Illustration 34, 3×3 Illustration Annual No.12, and Society of Illustrators 58th. This year, Zamora is a jury member of the 5th Edition of Latin American Fotografía & Illustración, a global and multi-cultural exchange of art and ideas.







Creative Ecosystems


On Saturday, October 8, 2016 Bullivant Gallery had the opportunity to host a St. Louis Design Week lecture featuring
Charles Hively, Francesca Messina, and Carlos Zamora.

Most creative professionals have had a multi-faceted path that touches upon different types of creative endeavors. We all face “forks in the road” regularly: brand development, design, creative direction, image-making, and we all rely on collaboration to succeed. But, how do we define the creative ecosystem we live in in this new era where we are all playing increasingly overlapping roles? Who is the creative director, the project manager, the creative talent, the designer, the content creator, the business savvy, the UI/UX designer, in this current landscape? We all are.

The challenge is: How do we touch on these roles in a way that capitalizes on our strengths, individually, and find ways to form partnerships to create the whole, one that come together and dissolve as needed? Join industry experts in this dialogue on design, illustration, and collaboration.


Charles Hively, a creative director, art director, ad agency founder, graphic designer, and sometimes copywriter and former illustrator, is the founder of 3×3, the only magazine in the United States devoted entirely to contemporary illustration. For the last thirteen years, 3×3 has maintained the highest production standards in keeping with his mission to promote this venerable genre.

Francesca Messina is an Artist’s Representative for Début Art, a British illustration agency representing 140+ world-class Illustrators, Motion Animators and Designers. Her specialties include: Creative Direction, Art Direction, commissioning photography and illustration, editorial design, magazine redesign projects, staff and workflow management, and product development.