Limited Edition Art Prints

At Bullivant Gallery, we work with artists one-on-one to create museum-quality archival reproductions of original art. Our philosophy is that printing should be a collaborative process between the artist and the printer. In our twenty years of service, we have worked with more than 100 artists to create limited edition prints that are sold to museums and galleries around the world.

The art we print

Our experience in reproducing a wide range of artistic mediums is vast, and includes charcoal, pencil, pastel, ink drawings and illustrations, watercolor, acrylic and oil-based paintings, collage, and three-dimensional original art. We have worked extensively with photographers to create prints from negatives, transparencies, and digital files.

High-quality art scanning and printing

Our specialized capture, workflow, and printing process is Esattezza Arte® which translates from Italian as “exactitude,” and means that we print art exactly as the artist intends. We know that the only way one can create a beautiful print is by starting with a great scan of the original. We have more than twenty years experience in digitizing artwork using our proprietary workflow and equipment. Our camera lenses, lighting, and processing software are all optimized to capture the subtle details and exact color palette of your original. We can also create stunning prints from your film, and can scan sizes up to 4″X5″ utilizing our state of the art Imacon X5 virtual drum scanner. Films larger than 4″x5″ and antique glass plate films are scanned using our proprietary large format scanner. Once the electronic file is optimized and ready for output, our 12-color wide format printers will create prints up to 60 inches wide and up to 100 feet long on materials ranging from art and photo papers to fabrics, canvas and synthetic based media. Larger prints are available through the tiling process that we utilize with materials like digital wallpaper when creating large murals.

If you’d like to visit us in person to see our portfolio and learn more about our printing process and collaborative working method, please call us at (314) 865-0077 to set up an appointment.

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