Preservation Overview

  • 150MP Custom Built Capture System

    150MP Custom Built Capture System

Aside from capturing and digitizing original artwork, Bullivant Gallery and our Cultural Heritage Preservation® division offers high-level digital archiving and preservation of source materials including artwork of any size,  maps, documents, books, film, glass plates and objects that are flat or dimensional.  Our custom engineered copy stand system creates a 900MB single capture ultra high resolution digital file of your original, which can then be used to create a long term FADGI certified archive or an archival-quality print.  All of our digitizing equipment exceeds the stringent 4-star FADGI Guidelines (Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative) their highest quality specification, and Cultural Heritage Preservation® is the only FADGI certified digitizing facility in the state of Missouri. FADGI is the digitizing standard used by the Library of Congress. We also offer extensive digital restoration options for those who may have damaged originals.

One of the unique aspects of our digitizing system is that is completely portable, allowing us to scan your most valuable or sensitive items while working with your staff and archivist in the safety of your museum and gallery. Please inquire for more details.

Please click here to view a few of our preservation projects.

A few examples of items we can scan are:

  • Original artwork
  • Photographs
  • Maps and books
  • Valuable or rare documents
  • 3 Dimensional objects of any size
  • Delicate, distressed and difficult to handle items

Our custom designed and built copy stand features a 40″ x 60″ delicate items vacuum table, which gently holds the original art in place for the duration of the image capture. The lighting, camera, lenses, Phase One IQ4 150mega pixel digital back, and processing software are all optimized to create a digital capture with exquisite detail and superior color accuracy. Our state-of-the-art system is a hybrid of document capture solutions in use in the finest museums and archives in the world, truly, there is no higher quality image and document capture available.

Bullivant Gallery and Cultural Heritage Preservation® are members of and support professional archivist organizations and subscribe to the standards for digital archiving as outlined by the FADGI guidelines.


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