Strength & Compassion | Photography Exhibit

Few photography books can claim to teach leadership skills, inspire people to change the world, or help a reader to reflect deeply on personal values. But then again, Strength and Compassion is not just a photography book.

In his book of photographs and essays, Strength and Compassion, Eric Greitens brings together the best of his award-winning photography with lessons on leadership and living a truly meaningful life.The photographs and essays take the reader on a journey spanning eight countries, including Rwanda, Bolivia, the Gaza Strip, Mexico, Albania, and India. Along the way, we meet refugees of genocide, survivors of landmines, street children of the barrios, and orphans of war.

But this is not only a story of their struggles against poverty and war. It is the story of the extraordinary strength and compassion that individual men, women, and children possess to create lives of dignity, courage, and hope.

Bullivant Gallery had the unique opportunity of collaborating with Eric to create a traveling exhibit of 29 large black-and-white photographs and visually reproduced essays.  Bullivant Gallery edited, scanned all original films, and created the stunning prints that comprise this truly remarkable exhibit that takes you face to face with the human condition in the third world countries Eric traveled through during his tenure as an elite Navy Seal.  Materials for the project were generously donated by our corporate partners; Larson JuhlTru-Vue, and Museo papers.

Strength and Compassion is both brutal and beautiful. We emerge from it wiser, connected to our compassion, and prepared to live with courage.

The exhibit will opened in Fall 2010 and will be traveling to venues worldwide. For additional information on the Strength and Compassion project, visit